22 True Twin Flame Signs of Reunion – Dr. Amanda Noelle

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So many Twin Flame fanatics and gurus out there portray the Twin Flame Reunion as some sort of hippie fantasy or whimsical fairytale encounter, enabling people to think that all the Twin Flame Reunion takes is a stroke of luck, a fairy godmother, or a few 11:11 signs from the Universe.
This video is about 22 Twin Flame Reunion Signs for Twin Flames in 2020.

It’s no wonder what the Twin Flame Union is often considered an alternative type of relationship suitable for Burners and woo-woos, but not for quote “mainstream” practical and high-achieving types.

Yet the Twin Flame Union is actually very real, not just a theory, and I believe that when the mainstream becomes aware of the Twin Flame Union and we reach a critical mass of Twin Flames in relationship, the planet will heal.

What is a Twin Flame Reunion? The Twin Flame Reunion is the coming back together of our two soul halves. It is the uniting of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and recoding of DNA that allows us to tap into our higher potential.

The ancients knew about this, and the information has been encrypted within your bibles, Kabbalistic teachings, ancient texts, and within symbols of Freemasonry.

The ancients taught that everything in the Universe indeed has a masculine and feminine energetic balance.

In the Zohar, it was stated that “Before coming to this Earth, each soul and each spirit is composed of one man and one woman united in one single being. Descending to Earth, these two halves are separated and sent to incarnate two different bodies. When it’s time for marriage, God unites them as before.”

In his Symposium, Plato says that the soul was split apart, where each split is a twin replica, or “Twin Flame” of the other, sharing many of the same traits, personality characteristics, and even appearance.

The Zohar continues, “When they [the Twin Flames] first issue forth, they issue as male and female together. Subsequently, when they descend [to this world], they separate, one to one side and the other to the other, and God afterward unites them–God and no other, he alone knowing the mate proper to each other. Happy the man who is upright in his works [or pure], and walks in the way of truth, so that his soul may find its original mate, for then he becomes indeed perfect, and through his perfection, the whole world is blessed.”

“Perfect” in this sense means whole or healed.

That’s why many of the 22 True Twin Flame Signs of Reunion are not about sharing initial chemistry or having 11:11 signs or the typical things you’ll read on blogs. I also didn’t add that Twin Flames often DO look alike. But after guiding thousands of Twin Flames, what I’ve noticed is that Twins do often look alike but sometimes it takes a few years before the features morph when the Union is truly activated. Many Twins come together, then separate, then come back together. It’s when they go through the final reunion that they have many of these signs.

My suggestion is that you use this list as a guidepost not for what you should be looking for in your current relationship or situation, but what to aspire for. If you already have these things then congratulations! Likely you have worked on yourself a lot and are ready to achieve great things with your Twin Flame.

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