So… I, the software developer, had an incredible spiritual journey 6 months ago. There are simply not enough words to describe it. There is a barrier in every language. Yet, some of you may know what I am talking about. I had that one big fight with myself, the world showed me its countless faces just so I could realize that I was all those faces.

Did that make any sense? How could I tell you that I lived every character of every movie and sang every song of every singer? Nah, nevermind. Let’s just go with the short version; you have to taste the power of mutually synchronized emotions!

Some could say I came up with this app idea after a psychotic episode. Who in their right minds quits a top-notch remote job and “invests” most of his savings in a random app idea? I was soo close to living my dream! Yet, a higher power theatrically pulled me into a very tough journey, and it was beautiful just the same. I wouldn’t change that journey through hell for anything because I got to leave my old skin behind.

Look at me, a totally left-brained software developer is becoming poetic. Well, I am getting what I wanted. Now I want to contribute a marvelous app to a marvelous community. Web-version is completely free to use, yet, I have to charge for the mobile apps so I can actually afford to develop the project.

Simply; you post a wish and schedule a time for people to send you good vibes in sync.

Please download the mobile apps if you can afford a few bucks to spare and ignore the initial errors. I have just started!