Due to the strict policies Apple has, I had to strip some of the beta features for the iOS App Store, but nevertheless, I have finally launched the Vibe Circle iOS app! Vibe Circle is a manifestation app that utilizes the law of attraction and similar methods to actualize yourRead More →

We have created a RedBubble store and started creating some merchandising products. Click on the images to visit the store, and perhaps get something if you like them 😘 or you may just wanna support the Vibe Circle project 🙏 If you enjoyed these products, don’t forget to check outRead More →

Here’s a new great idea. We are going to publish a monthly magazine with curated content by our beautiful creators. It will be delivered to thousands -hopefully millions- of people through our social media accounts and the mobile apps. For that reason, I encourage you to flourish this idea withRead More →

I myself tried this method several times, and it definitely works! However, there are some things you have to be careful about! Triggering a quantum jump may be scary and a tough situation if you’re trying to jump too far. The biggest advice I can give you: set smaller goalsRead More →

This video does a great job of explaining how gratitude works. Watch till the end, it gives tips about how to make your brain feel more grateful. If you are into science, Kurzgesagt has many more great videos on Youtube! 😉Read More →