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Google with Affirmations

Have you tried doing affirmations on a daily basis? If so, we both know that it’s not easy to keep it up for a long time. Life catches up and our dreams sometimes get suspended. A big part of our mission is to make it a breeze to shape our minds! So we have created this wonderful tool. Think of it like a vision board that you have to see every time you open a new tab!

we created a customized Google search page that has over 400 powerful affirmations in a loop and we have created a Chrome Extension to replace the new tab behavior to open this page.

a screenshot of Vibe Circle Google Search

This will raise your vibration on a daily basis and help you manifest your desires faster. On Chrome, you can install the extension; Google Search With Affirmations to replace the new tab behavior to open this page.

customized google search

As you may already know by now, repetition is the key to success and this little method is a game-changer. My life has improved dramatically since I started surrounding myself with this sort of positive affirmations.

We are working on more options such as personalized background images and a short notes widget. So you can create a customized vision board!

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