Horoscope Readings for the last week of January 2020

Horoscope Readings for the last week of January 2020

Aquarius season brings positive change

The Sun leads the way for positive change this week by moving into Aquarius on Monday. There’s a common misconception that Aquarius is a water sign when, in fact, it’s an air sign. It’s a mistake easily made since its symbol is the Water Bearer. That, however, is a reference to how Aquarius pours celestial knowledge from the heavens down into to our human experience. It makes complex ideas accessible to everyone.

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and revolutionary, so you can expect to feel like an outlier in the coming month. The Sun’s sharp meeting with Uranus on Thursday will lead up to a powerful New Moon in Aquarius on Friday. It will cause a restless feeling because of the powerful energy that will be released.

This first New Moon in January marks the start of the Lunar New Year of the Rat. In the Chinese zodiac, the rat is a symbol of wealth, humor and resourcefulness. So, let’s revisit our New Year’s resolutions and give them a kick start. Here’s your chance to make big changes and expand your boundaries.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 20, 2020.


You’ve been wrestling with some heated and contentious issues. You need answers to important questions, but they’re not forthcoming. The New Moon in Aquarius will clear the block. You’ll rediscover a fact you used to be familiar with. This time, if you’re wise, you’ll make sure that you can take it totally to heart.  A simple change in perspective is all that’s needed to get things moving. There’s an indication that you’ll feel more relaxed and less anxious as a crucial piece of missing information comes to your attention. A conversation will come where you’ll find the perfect words to get the ideal result.


You may not have all that you want, but you have the seeds which, if carefully planted and lovingly nurtured, will produce a bumper crop of rewards. Divert your attention away from thoughts that lead to anxiety and worry. As difficult as a certain situation or arrangement seems to be, there is a way of fixing it. A solution is available. Healing, helpful influences are at work now. The New Moon in Aquarius will energize your base and spark up your enthusiasm. Everything will fall into place quite nicely. You will turn an empty field into a bountiful plantation ready to harvest.


Under no circumstances should you lose hope. Hopelessness only leads to failure. It important to know that you can overcome any problem. Recent attempts at fixing a pressing dilemma are starting to work, even if you still feel unsure. The New Moon in Aquarius is fast-tracking you toward the best possible outcome. An inner transformation is well underway that will bring great fulfilment in your outer world. The rapidly flowing river of life is sweeping you along to where you want to be. A certain process you are involved with is gathering a momentum of its own and it’s moving in the right direction.


Nothing stays the same forever. It’s a good thing too, since even the bad times must come to end. A set of arrangements are falling apart. It’s time to put an end to something that you have been clinging on to. The New Moon in Aquarius marks a positive shift in your mood that will stir up your enthusiasm and hope. There are things that you simply have to do. The pressure is on, but you have all it takes to get the job done. Some aspects in your life now may be awkward or unacceptable, but there is a most auspicious shift happening. You’ll look back at this moment one day and marvel how it marked a positive turning point.


A little more money would not go amiss. You have a need to acquire something that will allow you to expand your world. But not only is there a financial need; you are also conscious of a demand to spend more quality time with someone special. The New Moon in Aquarius will make it clear that you must give more of your time to matters of the heart. There is a deep urge on your part to fulfil this area of your life. This is not a question of magically manifesting the impossible. You can do it with a little more planning. You are in the process of building a life that will fulfil you in every possible way.


There are times when life just takes us round in the same old circles. Routines and repetitive patterns bring on the doldrums. Change has to happen. And it will happen. The New Moon in Aquarius will produce convincing evidence that a benevolent Universe is carefully guiding you to happiness. You are being directed toward a real opportunity to pursue an adventure. You won’t have any problem seizing it. The end of an emotional quagmire is here thanks to a courageous decision of your part. You have a chance to weave a magical spell and change everything. Have faith in the future.


You are haunted by disturbing memories of your emotional past. There are times when you fear you are caught up in some sinister twist of fate. That, however, is definitely not the case.  Your resolve is being tested in your challenge to complete a special mission. It means hard work, but you’re up to the challenge. Consistent determination fuelled by a passionate drive is the recipe for success. The New Moon in Aquarius will reinforce your will to succeed and inspire you to rise with alacrity to the occasion. A reset button is being pressed giving you a fresh start at a most auspicious juncture in your life.


Recovering from a poignant setback has been a real test of survival, but it has expanded your self-awareness by bringing some unconscious counterproductive patterns to your attention. People always want things from you making it hard for you to fulfil the demands placed on you. This is all working to your benefit by freeing you from past encumbrances. The emotional pain you went through has taught you so much. The New Moon in Aquarius this week will help you to see the big picture. You’ll see how your real friends appreciate your qualities of honesty, integrity and courage. This is a point of lift off. Up, up and away.


You are not getting the kind of support you need in a complex scenario that has engrossed you. You’ve got something to deal with or something you must do that is putting pressure on you. There is a chance to find a faster and better path toward an important destination you seek. If you feel frustrated with delays, remind yourself that this is only a temporary state of affairs. The New Moon in Aquarius will help you get an objective viewpoint by encouraging you to stand back from something you are too closely involved in. It will give you a chance reflect and reappraise your role.


Some big life-changing decisions need to be made. Have confidence in your own reasoning abilities and trust your own rapidly evolving intuitive skills. And above all do not allow yourself to be rushed. There is enough pressure on you as things stand. You don’t want to add to it.  If you need more time for careful reflection, then take it. The New Moon in Aquarius is inviting you to raise a veil, draw back a curtain and reveal something that has been hidden for a long time. Something has been out of sight and out of mind that deserves a closer look. Take some time out for some thoughtful reflection.


Intense planetary activity has been ratcheting up the pressure in an area of your life where you’re essentially doing very well. Don’t let it get you down. Keep in mind that you can shape your situation and manipulate it till it better suits your true purpose. Well, maybe you don’t know what this purpose is. If you don’t, now is the time to find out. The New Moon in your sign will give you a direct and honest answer. One small realization is all it will take improve the course of your life. It means hard work, but you’re going to love it. A penetrating insight will change everything.


A pressing predicament is making you feel somewhat besieged and beleaguered. But you are not as powerless or a victim of circumstance as you might think. You must trust that whatever or whoever you are dealing with will operate in a way that is fair and right. The New Moon in Aquarius will show you how to deal with an apparent threat. You’ll succeed in making a constructive connection with a certain person and resolve the source of trouble. Declare your faith to a benign Universe and you will attract all the good fortune you need. It will make you realize that you are not so powerless after all.

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