I always wanted to create a PR Agency until I forgot that dream a year before actualizing it

Well, this is me proving that dreams come true for the billionth time.

As the title suggests, I always wanted to create a PR agency and serve the best of best to achieve even better. Yet, I had been too busy with other work to pay my bills and blah, blah. I didn’t have enough time to organize people for it.

Years later, I now have my own company providing IT/Digital marketing services to 3rd parties, and building my own little projects like the Vibe Circle.

the Vibe Circle office
My office with the candles lit during the late night.

The Vibe Circle project has started as a super-small idea so that I could practice some new programming libraries and publish a mobile app. However, It just kept pulling me into itself more and more every day. I expanded the idea, developed more, and wanted more. I suppose It also helped that this idea was seeded during a very spiritual journey of mine.

As I did some hypnotic writings like in this 55×5 post, I came up with more ideas like add your content to Vibe Circle News and the Vibe Circle Magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I must admit I came up with all these things either due to some difficulty or just random gut feeling. Now, I appreciate that one book called The Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday even more.

What stands in the way becomes the way.

Marcus Aurelius

Are you seeing where I am going with this? I just realized that one sentence from my other article. I was the one who wrote it for ****’s sake!

If you are too busy to add your content or you simply want special treatment, become a Patreon and I will personally elevate you and your brand. ❤️


In all honesty, I had just dropped that line to encourage people no matter what. Now I am realizing this Vibe Circle project and my IT company actually contains everything I have been wanting for years. The ironic part is that I came to this day through hundreds of difficulties where I had no other choice. Perhaps, that’s because I had already made the choice years ago. 😂

and that’s why I love the Matrix movies.

A closing note; be careful of what you wish for. I wish you all the best to find that light at the end of your journey.

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