Law of Attraction App for iOS

Due to the strict policies Apple has, I had to strip some of the beta features for the iOS App Store, but nevertheless, I have finally launched the Vibe Circle iOS app!

Vibe Circle is a manifestation app that utilizes the law of attraction and similar methods to actualize your dreams.

The app features curated lists of affirmations, guided meditations, subliminal images, and videos to bring positivity into your life!

If the article is too long for you to read, just download it and check it out yourself.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading on! 😘

Free of Advertisements

Although building this project has cost me quite a large portion of my savings and more than 2000+ hours of work, I decided to launch it free of advertisements. It has no ads, and free to download and use.

I am just counting on the 1% who will purchase the premium in-app product to keep the app free for everyone.

It welcomes you with a daily dose of affirmations and motivational quotes.

Affirmations, Quotes, Images, and Videos to Reinforce Positivity Whenever You Desire.

You can explore thousands of affirmations and motivational quotes. Tap on the screen to see the next one.

Browse through curated lists of videos that will help your personal growth.

We also gathered some calming and peaceful images to hack your brain for prosperity. You can set them as your iPhone background if you want.

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