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Law of Attraction Lottery

We are giving away 1-year Netflix and Spotify premiums. Download one of our free apps and send feedback to [email protected] to be one of the 100 winners. Include your full name.

Lottery Winner

Details of the lottery

We have developed many free apps for manifesting mindfulness and commanding the law of attraction.

Many already benefit from these apps, and we intend to increase this number to 100,000 people by 07/07/2020. Considering the amazing marketing moves we are taking, it is just a matter of time.

Simply install one of our apps and send a sincere feedback email to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can just join our Lottery List to win a lifetime premium for our mobile apps. Only if you can catch the subscription popup. 🙂

Male Lottery Winner

Chrome Extension to Automate Affirmations

We have developed a Chrome Extension called  Google Search With Affirmations to force affirmations into your subconscious whenever you open a new tab. Read more about it here.

Law of Attraction iOS App

We have a dedicated article for the law of attraction ios app, but you can simply go ahead and install it directly via the app store.

law of attraction ios app
Vibe Circle iOS App

Law of Attraction Android App

Much like the iOS app, we have an android version. This one actually has a few more features that we were not able to submit to the Apple store.

law of attraction android app
Vibe Circle Android App

Details of both apps are described in our The Complete Law of Attraction Toolkit article.

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