Shine Your Light – Abraham Hicks

You have come here for a reason. You have a purpose. Shine Your Light – IT’S TIME! What a powerful segment by Abraham…

When you tune into the frequency of your higher self, you tune in to the frequency of everything you desire, whether it is money, a purposeful job or occupation, travel, your soul mate, or your dream car. You are a divine creator creating your dream life. The power of LOA is that you attract and manifest exactly what you are – NOT what you want – but what you ARE. You are a vibrational being and the Universe always responds to your vibration. Use the amazing power of meditations, affirmations, yoga, the art of allowing, and other high vibing practices to raise your vibration and align with everything that you desire.

▹ If you are watching this, it is coming to you at the perfect time on the path of least resistance. Trust your inner guidance and know that everything is already created for you. Money, abundance, joy, happiness, well-being…it’s ever-increasing and always expanding for you.

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