The most common mistakes that women make in bed

The most common mistakes that women make in bed

Here are the most common mistakes that women make in bed; 🙂

Hiding behind the maternity mask  

Leave your asexual mother identity outside the bedroom. Motherhood is undoubtedly the most sacred identity in the world. But we need to leave the asexuality brought by this identity out of our bedroom. For our wife, we are the woman she knew and loved before the children were born. So the moment you enter your bedroom, your motto should be ‘Motherhood out, your Marilyn Monroe persona.’ Gasp. The meaning of this is summarized in one sentence. Don’t pretend dead in bed. Be alive, be open to many innovations.


Don’t forget the femininity  

Don’t treat your partner as your “closest girlfriend”. One of the biggest mistakes that many women make is that they want to share everything of their own with them after moving on in their relationship. Take care not to talk to him or her about the issues you can share with your girlfriends in your daily life, when the time comes in the network, when your menstrual day approaches. Don’t be involved in the razor, because it’s a bit of a mystery to keep a woman’s femininity. Don’t spare him that. It’s the golden secret of a happy bed. If being naughty opens the door to happiness and satisfaction, we say try it. Don’t be shy, she loves it …


Love your body 

You’re short or tall, fat or too thin, she wants to be with you as you are . The first and foremost condition of loving yourself and being in peace with your body is to enjoy sexual life. Be with your partner in the open light, walk around in your underwear at home. First flirt with your own body …


Discover new points of pleasure for men, and the world’s best results in everything in this world requires labor. If you want foreplay, your partner may ask you to get to know his body. Instead of uploading a lot of homework to a man, you should learn to work on it. Men’s body is made up of nerves from head to toe, although it may concentrate in a certain part, it may have many erogenous zones. Nipples are one of them.

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