Two Cups Manifestation Method

I myself tried this method several times, and it definitely works! However, there are some things you have to be careful about! Triggering a quantum jump may be scary and a tough situation if you’re trying to jump too far.

The biggest advice I can give you: set smaller goals each time, and, even then, do not apply this technique too often! You may get confused with all the sudden changes, and it’s definitely recommended to elevate your status gradually.

So, basically, you get 2 cups and label one with your current situation, and label the other with the situation you want to be in. Keep it short and simple. Then, pour water into the first cup that labels your current situation. Focus on it a little bit and then feel it changing… As you feel the change, pour the water from that cup to the cup that contains your future status. Focus on this new state and enjoy how it feels. 20-30 seconds of focus should be enough. Then drink the water, and forget about it. Let it go. If you keep the feeling, it’ll take longer to do its mojo.

Here are some youtube videos that describe it further.

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