The Complete Law of Attraction Toolkit: Vibe Circle App

A home page that welcomes you with a daily boost to uplift your mood, thousands of affirmations, curated news, videos, and subliminal images to raise your vibration, and a Wish App where you can post wishes and exchange good vibes for them to manifest faster.

Can you ask for more? Let us know and we are happy to add your idea into this amazing toolkit! 😘

Home screen welcomes you with a daily boost

The daily boost contains 5 Affirmations, 3 motivational quotes, 3 success quotes, and 3 wisdom quotes.

You Can Explore More Affirmations

Sometimes your daily boost may not be enough, and you might enjoy exploring thousands of other affirmations to uplift you. For that reason, we have a dedicated tool for you to benefit from thousands of affirmations.

Tapping on the screen refreshes the affirmation.

The wisdom quotes tab is a bonus 😛

Wish App (Beta)

Post your wish and schedule a time to receive good vibes/prayers for it 😇

Don’t forget to send good vibes to others ❤️
Check out the web version here.

This was actually the initial idea for the Vibe Circle project entirely, however, as I worked on the project, my beautiful creative mind came up with tens of other ideas to provide the best service for the best people 🥳

Featured News 😘

Curated List of Videos (Updated Regularly)

In addition to the news articles, we also handpick videos from YouTube so you spend less time browsing but more time learning and connecting 😉

A Lovely Teespring Store

So you can get some cool merch and support the project 🤣

Download the Complete Toolkit

Due to the strict policies Apple has, I had to strip some of the beta features for the iOS App Store


Download the News App

We also have an app version that provides detailed access to the news site.


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