Vibe Circle launched on 02.02.2020

Hello dear souls,

I am honored to announce that I just launched the Vibe Circle project online as promised!

Keep in mind that this is the very first app, but please do give me some feedback via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Why do I charge for the main app?

Because I really want to keep this app free of ads and this project is costing me quite a lot. The advertising solutions bother thousands of people for a few bucks. I am trying to appeal to a community of people that don’t mind paying $2 for a lifetime of good vibes.

I really hope to provide you the best service I am capable of. This first version provides you hundreds of affirmations, manifestation news / curated youtube videos, and a beta wish app.

I am also working on Numerology & Life Coaches directory features for the project. Let me know what else you would like to see. 🙏😘

Vibe Circle Main App

Vibe Circle News App


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